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Black Friday Laundry Alternative Wonderwash SpinDryer

June 26, 2011 Black friday appliances, Black Friday Laundry, Black Friday SpinDryer

WonderwashBlack Friday Laundry Alternative Wonderwash SpinDryer

I bought Wonderwash on Black Friday and the device is working properly, the plastic barrel. It has a capacity of 2-3 teams, depending on the material and the size of the head. For example, dress, two pairs of pants, two shirts, underwear + little at a time. Or a sweater in winter, high + 2 pair of jeans or something. Perhaps a perfect piece qn linen / towel + 1, etc. – but none of the white and contaminated parts of the pretreatment. I recommend filling machine clothing under the brand name of 1.2 is very hot, then add (or hot water) + a few tablespoons of detergent in all the swoosh. Gently twist the handle to 4 minutes, let the dirty water pipes according to the instructions. Pour on the hot or warm water rinse. Close the lid. Around the handle. Repeat the water softener discharge in + wages, etc., as desired. Voila. Very clean clothes, and the form of exercise and your muscles too much. Use wrist strength training in a better direction!

I bought the detergent and fabric softener scented Ecover brand in addition to Maggie’s Soap Nuts (rinse water softeners), before you get Wonderwash. It is safe and gentle for sensitive skin and hands than just hand wash small loads. But if anything happens, and when the alternative hair around the Ecover washing rinse wonder one spoon of oil or Cheers and good old small spoon or a hug! Undoubtedly, these products work best to get the smell of clean laundry ER training takes less Wonder Spin Washing!.

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Product by The Laundry Alternative
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  • Washes a 5-lb. load super clean in just a couple of minutes.
  • Has a patented pressure system that forces detergent into the fabric at high speed for a fast, efficient, economic and very easy wash
  • Is ideal for campers, single persons and even for the housewife with small frequent loads like hand washables and diapers.
  • Is ideal for delicates such as woolens, silks, knitted dresses and cashmere garments.
  • Uses far less water than even hand washing.Uses no electricity (hand turn) and therefore economically sound, and great for environment.

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products Description

This is a hand-cranked, non-electric mini washing machine that washes loads clean in only 1-2 minutes using 90% less water and detergent. No maintenance required.

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